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Personal Financial Services

Personal Financial Planning

A personal financial plan is essentially a business plan for your life. We can help you plan effectively for every stage of your life; marriage, buying a home, having children, educating your children, and retirement. Our goal is to have you prepared financially for every major step in your life. Our extensive network of business professionals can be brought into the picture for investment services, insurance and other needs that may arise. And our personal tax planning and estate planning services will insure that you keep as much of your money and assets as possible

Executive Financial Planning

We can integrate your business and personal financial goals into an integrated plan for the accumulation of wealth. This may include proactively seeking appropriate advisors on your behalf through our extensive professional network. We are experience in dealing with the increasingly complex rules and structure of restricted stock grants, stock options and other equity incentive plans used by companies to reward their executives. Realizing maximum benefits from these vehicles while minimizing and planning for tax exposure is our focus.